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Cloud Service Providers - Advisory Board

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Where leading Cloud Service Providers come together to inform, engage, and collaborate with FedRAMP stakeholders.


About the CSP-AB

The Cloud Service Providers - Advisory Board (CSP-AB) represents the world’s leading cloud companies and supports standards and policies that promote and enable secure cloud adoption in the public and private sectors. Our member companies are global leaders in the drive to provide safe, scalable, and accredited digital government services, with a focus on both the civil servants delivering those services and the end-users receiving them.


Latest News

CSP-AB responds to Commerce Dept Proposals on Malicious Cyber -enabled Activities

The CSP-AB welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Proposal. However, while we share the U.S. Government’s goal of advancing national security objectives, including deterring foreign malicious cyber actors, we have concerns that the Proposal may prove ineffective in satisfying stated objectives, conflict with essential data privacy and security principles that underpin American technological leadership, and face practical and workability challenges. Further, we are concerned that the impact on IaaS providers is significant without demonstrating the commensurate benefits that the new requirements would bring about. 

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